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“The Eyebrow Thief”

I wrote this story from a writing prompt -“Eyebrow”….

The Eyebrow Thief by Mary Barbato

The Eyebrow Thief

By Mary Barbato

I nervously sat awaiting my appointment. I purposely arrived early to witness client results as they left the operators room. My girl came with glowing references from my friends. They couldn’t gasp my uneasiness about having my eyebrows waxed.Surely they had to realize the barbaric nature of having hot liquid smeared above your eyelid to be pressed against your skin with  fabric.

Oh let’s not forget the feeling of hair that leaves your skin vulnerable, tingling with pain after the powerful zap. I know this feeling too well having experienced it on another part of my body. I never had this done on my eyebrows. Once your hair is waxed in this area it never fully grows back.The expression on your face is altered for life; I guess my childhood fear has grown with me.Most of the woman in my mother’s circle, had the weirdest looking brows imagined. It took me awhile to figure out they were brow less.They heavily outlined their brows with colored pencils. My mother was an intelligent woman by nature, I couldn’t fathom how she was coerced into shaving off her eyebrows.

“Finally” I whispered out loud, and quickly reverted back to my thought process; a patron was exiting the room. Okay not too bad, I guess my fears have been unwarranted. Another woman came out shortly after, giving me a quizzical look with her right eyebrow arched. She must’ve been thinking; what the heck am I looking at her for. I had to admit she looked good too.

My name was called next, I opened the door and walked through a dark narrow hallway. A young jolly woman stood holding her door open with her back. Please you go first gesturing me with her hand. I couldn’t help but to stare at her piercings. She told me to lay down and I did.Suddenly I felt anxious, I wanted to scream stop! Instead I remained paralyzed as I felt the hot wax being smeared with a wooden stick across my eyebrow. Wait a minute did I say eyebrow?

Yikes! I yelled as she pulled the fabric away from above from my eye, feeling my brow ripped from its roots.

“Miss please relax I have hot wax in my hands,” she said in an annoyed tone.

“Maim are you Okay?” I heard a voice ask me. “I’m done the worst part is over.”

“I shouted please give me a mirror!” She hesitated, but the murderous look in my eyes nudged her to hand it over to me.

“You should wait until the job is complete;” she cautiously said.

“What job?” I shouted out while I stared at my refection in horror.

Tears poured rolled down my face; “What did you do to me?”

“This is a routine procedure; we wax off your eyebrows completely before we tattoo your eyebrows.”; She answered without any mercy.

“I didn’t come here for tattooed eyebrows; I came for a simple shaping!”

“Oh my,” she replied in genuine surprise; You came into the wrong room.Miss, you needed to go to room two.”“Didn’t you read my sign?”

“No I didn’t you blocked it with your back when you held the door for me. What did it say?”She pointed to the sign with a smirk on her face, accompanied by two slanted grossly thin exclamation marks that outlined her eye sockets

 “Beware of the eyebrow thief, passionate tattoo artist works here.”








Unique Vintage Purse

Not a thought about a cell phone ringing when stepping out to a gala, with this accordion evening purse, from designer-Whiting & Davis.  Gate top expands for  a lipstick and perhaps a lace handkerchief , back in circa 1930’s. 

Whiting and Davis is known for their suburb quality in mesh accessories, made in the United States. Worn on a wrist allowing women to move about without worrying about her purse. This little gem has held up the test of time, still beautiful after all these years….

{Please note pictures are from my own collection}